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The white sapote, also called casimiroa and Mexican apple, and known as cochitzapotl in the Nahuatl language is a species of tropical fruiting tree in the family Rutaceae, native to eastern Mexico and Central America south to Costa Rica. It’s a wonder the tree ever fell out of favor when the taste of fruit from white sapote cultivars can be exquisite: like a creamy custard, with hints of peach, pear, lemon, banana, caramel and vanilla. It’s wonderful raw, scooped out from the rind with a spoon, and excellent in drinks. There are a numerous white sapote varieties, and a number of varieties are available in the U.S. and Florida (Table 1). Commonly available varieties include ‘Reinikie’, ‘Dade’, ‘Pike’, ‘Suebelle’, ‘Smathers’, ‘Homestead’, and ‘Golden’.

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