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Saffron is known as the super expensive spice in the world. Saffron nicknamed as “Sunshine spice”.it’s  believed that saffron originated in Iran,but still there is doubts regarding the origin of saffron,also Greece and Mesopotamia suggested as the origin of this plant.but in the 21st century Iran produces the 90% above saffron of global sum.

This spice obtain from the flower “Crocus Sativus “which is called as “Saffron Crocus”.Basically the fresh saffron should feature bright crimson-red color and when rubbed between fingers,should release a very pleasant aroma and stain golden-yellow .The antioxidants like “Crocine and Crocetin” are responsible for the Red color of Saffron and the another one “Safranal “helps for the good taste of saffron.

The threads of crocus sativus collected and making dry by hands for the use. Each flower produces only three threads and blooms only one week in an year.

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