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Pure Medicinal Drink

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Pathimugam or Indian red wood soaked in water is a popular thirst quencher in Kerala. The bark of the tree is used to attain medicinal benefits. The healing water that turns light pink in color is used as a cure for kidney disorders, skin diseases, cholesterol, blood purification and diabetes. It has found a place in revered Ayurvedic texts –the Ashtangahridayam, the Sahasrayogyam and the Dhanwantari Nikhandu. Surprisingly, Pathimugham, the tree with wonderful medicinal properties and magical healing powers has never been in the media eye!

Pathimugham, or East Indian Rosewood, is a medicinal tree also used to make natural dye. The hard, heart wood of the tree is the medicinal part and when boiled with water, it disinfects it. When you drink it, it offers a host of healing benefits!

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