Black Rice

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Pure Organic Black Rice seed from seedsbag farm.

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We have heard a lot about white rice and brown rice.  But there is also black rice in this world.
Black rice is a rice with many medicinal values.  Black rice is high in antioxidants, digestible fiber, minerals and anti-inflammatory ingredients.It is Ideal for heart health and cancer prevention.
Black rice has more nutritional value than white / brown rice.

It is mostly cultivated in India in the northeastern region of Uttar Pradesh.

Not as soft as regular rice.  When the black rice is burnt it turns a beautiful violet color.  The oven takes three to four times longer than normal rice.  Can’t make rice.  A variety of sauces are the main ones.

The secret of color is the anthocyanin itself, which gives black grapes and strawberries a dark violet color.

Black rice is rich in antioxidants.

It is a well-known food in China and many South Asian countries.

Apart from the North East region of Manipur, it is also cultivated in some parts of Assam and Bengal.

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