Abiu Fruit Plant

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Rare Abiu Fruit Exotic topical fruit live plant.

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Pouteria caimito, the abiu, is a tropical fruit tree originated in the Amazonian region of South America. It grows to an average of 33 feet high, and can grow as high as 116 feet under good conditions. Its fruits’ shape varies from round to oval, pointed at the distal end. A ripe abiu has a very unique taste. The creamy white flesh is extremely delicate, lightly sweet, with a strong hint of caramel and vanilla. Some people describe the flavor as similar to a crème caramel flan! Each fruit typically has one or two black oblong-shaped seeds. Abiu fruit offers several health benefits owing to its rich vitamin and mineral content. Abiu is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B3 (niacin), calcium, phosphorus and dietary fiber. Abiu fruit is beneficial to improve vision due to its higher vitamin A content just like carrots and tomatoes.


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